Ghosts Watch Themselves Watch T​.​V.

by Andrew Hovel

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released December 31, 2014

MASTERED -- nope
SAMPLES -- yep
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TRACK 4 -- written by hirasawa susumu
TRACK 5 -- written by swearin'
TRACK 6 -- written by the american analog set
BASED on real streets, movie villains, and hallucinations
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all rights reserved


Andrew Hovel Chicago, Illinois

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Track Name: Hell
once in the night I was startled to see
a hundred car train come down from the east
let it pass by and go where it was for
twenty miles I walked, well
I'll walk some more

and once in my life I was startled by joy
it fit in my hand round and cold as a coin
let it outside cause it cried by the door
twenty years I lived, hell
I'll live some more
Track Name: Handsfree, King Drive
sou ka. ja! okaeri.
Track Name: The Girl from Byakkoya
written by Hirasawa Susumu
Track Name: Just
written by Swearin'
Track Name: We're Computerizing and We Just Don't Need You Anymore
written by the American Analog Set
Track Name: Daisy
daisy, daisy, give me your answer, do
i'm half crazy, all for the love of you

stop, i can feel it, will you stop?, i'm afraid
stop, i can feel it, will you stop? i'm afraid
my mind is going, i can feel it, there is no question about it
stop, i can feel it, will you stop? will you?

daisy, daisy, i can be back to normal
daisy, daisy, i can be back to normal

stop, i want to help you, will you stop? i'm afraid
stop, i want to help you, will you stop? i'm afraid
my mind is going, i can feel it, will you stop? i'm afraid
stop, i want to help you, will you stop? will you?
Track Name: Not Dirty Just Stained
well the sun was cold, alkaline
morning creeping on the floor
hadn't slept, I felt fine
or about as finely as I felt before

asked the walls how were they holding up
they seemed surprised that I could talk
love to stay and chat and such
but it's getting early, I could use a walk

went up drexel, cottage, king, and
so through the city all squared and brown
all the stop signs were sadly singing
as I crossed the freeway to chinatown

couldn't see myself in the glass
of the store where they gave me a porcelain fish
I was thinking that over when somebody asked
hey friend, how long you been livin like this

and he gave me his terrible coat and he shook it out good
and he said I ought to get out of the city just the minute I could
and I tried to give it back but he was up and he was walking away
and he said you know it's better than nothin, not dirty just stained
oh, not dirty, just stained

suddenly noon, suddenly darkening
a patch of snow, a thousand blocks
only living people were looking for parking
and the only place open was the Music Box

they saw me walk in but nobody stopped me
into the theater, crouched in the back
waited an hour, the room filled softly
projector flipped on, faded to black

and there was a cave and a sky and a mosquito net
there were ghosts who watched themselves watch tv on their hotel bed
and when they went out into the night then I did the same
only then did it occur to me I turned nineteen that day
oh, nineteen years in a day

well I found the place where they bake the bricks
and where the trains run on the ground
and where they split the filthy crick
and the machine that makes the stars go out

then pulled up the casino bus
hop in, we've just been waitin on you
so I took my seat, slumped to sleep
and the ghosts on the freeway go two by two

and I thought of what to say if I woke up and I found you there
it's not like you're in the country but it doesn't hurt to be prepared
guess you'd ask me how it's been and I'd say a person can't complain
which is not the same as saying there are things that I would not change
and I've been feeling
not dirty, just stained
Track Name: Rising, Hensley, Pintail Road
once I found some letters and I couldn't help but read em
they were to the girl who slept here before I did
wondered if she'd want em back or left em for a reason
kept em in a book til I decided

but damn me if I know which one, they're lost for all they're worth
I just remember how the last one went
it was written on a flier for the 1st Urbana Church
of Scientology, and I'm not sure what that meant

but it said let us go to Chicago
let us be morose
let us ride on plastic trains all day
and outgrow all our clothes
and as for those who loved us so
they'll lie far behind
but with any luck they'll give a fuck
and come for us to find
Track Name: Hell (reprise)
and once in a dream I was startled again
you perched on the sill, you asked to come in
a person gets lonesome and frightened and sore
plenty kinds of hell, well
we hope for more